About The Group

Creating Connections

We create connections between our members and sponsors through multiple channels:

Quarterly Networking Focused Events – Connecting Outdoors provides networking opportunities through happy hours, breakfasts and speakers engagements.

Hunting and Fishing Events – Connecting Outdoors members will gather together for hunting and fishing events, time at shooting ranges and game farms, meeting sponsors and product demos, etc.

Sponsored Trips – Through the Connecting Outdoors Network, trips will be arranged for our membership.

Website – The Connecting Outdoors website will be a main tool used to connect members, give referrals, share events and highlight our sponsors through banner ads, etc.

Social Networking – Connecting Outdoors will continue to use LinkedIn and other social media to continue growing the membership and marketing events as well as using it to promote our sponsors.


Our Founding Partners

 Jeff Kosek head shotJeff Kosek

Jeff is a tenured sales leader with expertise in building high functioning teams. As an agent for innovation my strength is developing an execution strategy that integrates the sales, service and operations teams within other functional areas of an organization.  My goal is to align all departments of an organization so each area can contribute their part in the collaborative success.

In the past 17 years I’ve had tremendous success teaming with private, public and government entities and providing technology consulting and strategic direction. As one of the founders of Connecting Outdoors.com I’m passionate about finding ways to engage customers and networking professionals with outdoor activities and using this as a platform for building teams, partnerships, trust and loyalty.

Jeff is an active volunteer and board member of Fishing for Life and other organizations including Pheasants Forever and Ducks Unlimited. He values time spent with his family, including coaching his two boys for youth football and baseball teams.

For more information, see Linked In or Connecting Outdoors on Facebook.



Chad Halbur Connecting Outdoors Founding PartnerChad Halbur

I am the president and a shareholder of Cornerstone Private Asset Trust Company, an independent boutique trust and retirement services firm. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from helping generate great outcomes for our clients by providing customized wealth management services to high-net-worth individuals, as well as business owners and corporations.  I also help our clients transfer their wealth from one generation to the next with our trust management services. For many of our clients it’s important for them to ensure their financial assets are  not squandered after they are no longer able to oversee  those assets – and our trust services are a great way to provide them with that assurance.

In my personal time, I enjoy hunting and fishing and spending time at my family’s cabin. I believe you can learn a lot about a person and their character when you spend time with them in environments that energize and motivate them. For me being in the outdoors does this. Because of this I really enjoy connecting with other professionals, clients and prospects in the fields, and on the lakes and streams verses other traditional networking venues. To me that is what Connecting Outdoors is all about. If this resonates with you I encourage you to look into joining our group.

You can learn more about the work I do by visiting my company’s website www.cornerstonetrust.net