Becoming a member will get you exclusive access to Connecting Outdoors social network (Connecting Social) that has a membership group made up of business professionals with the same interests as yourself. Get started today and let the conversations begin!

Membership Registration & Benefits:

  • Expand your professional network with Connecting Outdoors Members
  • You connect with a social and business group that live in Minnesota and share common goals and beliefs
  • You make a difference by getting involved and advancing your personal and professional skills.
  • Exclusive invitation to private outdoor events with Connecting Outdoors members and affiliates.
  • You actively participate with a group that has similar beliefs: hunting, fishing and promoting conservation.
  • You join a group of like minded individuals
  • Promote your business via Connecting Outdoors marketing, events, social media and website
  • Corporate Sponsorship available and provides hosting opportunities at events

Membership Plans:

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Get full access to the entire website, including Connecting Social, Email Notifications, Special Discount Tickets, Premium Content, and much, much more.
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Give your colleagues and team members full site access that includes all premium features as well as a custom Connecting Social User Group page for your company.